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Peter Franzén
Peter Franzén

Peter Vilhelm Franzén (born 14 August 1971) is a Finnish actor, author, screenwriter, and director. As an actor, Franzén has appeared in over 50 films and TV series. For his role in Dog Nail Clipper (2004), Franzén was awarded a Jussi Award for Best Actor as well as earning praise from film critic Jay Weissberg from Variety magazine who called the actor "one of the most talented and versatile thesps in Finland". In his career he has appeared in Finnish, Estonian, German, English, Swedish, and Hungarian speaking roles. In 2015, Franzén was cast as King Harald Finehair from the fourth season of Vikings. Franzén has also casted in Amazon Prime Video's upcoming The Wheel of Time TV series.

1971-08-14 (51 years old)
Place of Birth
Keminmaa, Finland
Also Known As :
Bad Boys
Bad Boys (2003)
as Otto Takkunen
Ambush (1999)
as Eero Perkola
Dog Nail Clipper
Dog Nail Clipper (2004)
as Mertsi Arhippa Vepsäläinen
Priest of Evil
Priest of Evil (2010)
as Timo Harjunpää
Tale of the Sleeping Giant
Tale of the Sleeping Giant (2020)
as Narrator (Voice)
Hamsters (2023)
as Hamsteri
Hellsinki (2009)
as Krisu
Asphalto (1998)
as Mies
Red Is the Color of
Red Is the Color of (2007)
as David Stellar
The Mine
The Mine (2016)
as Raimo
Isabella (2008)
as Andrea
Meander (2021)
as Adam
Badding (2000)
as Ossi
Road North
Road North (2012)
as Pertti Paakku
Jewel of the Sahara
Jewel of the Sahara (2001)
as Young Francois Renard
Tie naisen sydämeen
Tie naisen sydämeen (1996)
as Kauko Kinnunen
Beck 31 - Gunvald
Beck 31 - Gunvald (2016)
as Risto Kangas
Set Point
Set Point (2004)
as Harri
Purge (2012)
as Hans Pekk
Johan Falk: Slutet
Johan Falk: Slutet (2015)
as Milo Mikhailov
Three Wise Men
Three Wise Men (2008)
as Santa Claus
Princess (2010)
as Saastamoinen
The Threat
The Threat (2004)
as Magnus
Baba's Cars
Baba's Cars (2006)
as Pekka Kukka
Mystery of the Wolf
Mystery of the Wolf (2006)
as Antero Venesmaa
The Gunman
The Gunman (2015)
as Reiniger
Takatöölö Story
Takatöölö Story (1993)
as Heltat nuorina
Love & Crime
Love & Crime (1999)
as Konstaapeli Jussi Rosenström
Train Birds
Train Birds (1998)
as Lako's Lover
Names in Marble
Names in Marble (2002)
as Sulo Kallio
Ashes in the Snow
Ashes in the Snow (2018)
as Commander Komarov
Cleaner (2007)
as Police Officer Bronson
Vikings (2013)
as King Harald Finehair
CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami (2002)
as Ivan Radu
V.I.P. (1998)
as Nazi
Helsinki Syndrome
Helsinki Syndrome (2022)
as Elias Karo
Love, Death & Robots
Love, Death & Robots (2019)
as Snow (voice)
The Wild Thornberrys
The Wild Thornberrys (1998)
as Guard (voice)
Napamiehet (2015)
as Asianajaja
Karjalan kunnailla
Karjalan kunnailla (2007)
as Jarkko "Jake" Rosenius
Untold Arctic Wars
Untold Arctic Wars (2022)
as Narrator (voice)
as Director
Kill Anneli
Kill Anneli (2020)
as Executive Producer
Above Dark Waters
Above Dark Waters (2013)
as Screenplay
as Writer
Jäniksen vuosi
Jäniksen vuosi
as Writer