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Yang Dong-geun
Yang Dong-geun

Yang Dong-geun (양동근) is a South Korean film, television, and theater actor.  He also performs hip-hop music under the name "YDG".

1979-06-01 (43 years old)
Also Known As :
Fighter in the Wind
Fighter in the Wind (2004)
as Choi Bae-dal
Address Unknown
Address Unknown (2001)
as Chang-guk
Wild Card
Wild Card (2003)
as Bang Je-su
Monopoly (2006)
as Kyung Ho
Black Gospel
Black Gospel (2013)
as Himself
Perfect Game
Perfect Game (2011)
as Seon Dong-yeol
Grand Prix
Grand Prix (2010)
as Lee Woo-seok
Bloody Beach
Bloody Beach (2000)
as Jae-seung
A Living Being
A Living Being (2018)
as Jong-kyu
The Bank of Seoul
The Bank of Seoul (2019)
as Bank Chief Officer
Days of Wrath
Days of Wrath (2013)
as Chang-sik
Rough Play
Rough Play (2013)
as Kang Bin
The Best
The Best (1998)
as Jong Gu
I am Your Teacher
I am Your Teacher (2007)
as Jang Yi-San
Hero (2012)
as Kim Heug-Cheol
The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers (2014)
as Heo Seung-Po
Doctor Kkaeng
Doctor Kkaeng (2006)
as Kang Dal-go
X-Man (2003)
as Himself
Missing Nine
Missing Nine (2017)
as Yoon Tae-Young
Borg Mom
Borg Mom (2017)
as Choi Go-Bong
The Third Charm
The Third Charm (2018)
as Lee Dong Jae
365: Repeat the Year
365: Repeat the Year (2020)
as Bae Jung Tae
Lost (2021)
as Woo-nam
Ambergris (2018)
as 기상캐스터
Cheer Up
Cheer Up (2022)
as Bae Young-woong
Ambergris (2018)
as Creator